Scholarships and Tuition Assistance

Mater Dei is committed to ensuring that all students, regardless of financial resources, receive the opportunity to attend Mater Dei.  Thus, families are encouraged to apply for applicable scholarships (academic, leadership, and need-based) and tuition assistance.\r\n\r\nApplication forms may be obtained at the time of registration (for incoming freshmen) or by contacting the office (618.526.7216).  For additional information, please contact Mr. Dennis Litteken, our Principal.\r\n

Unrestricted Scholarships

\r\nAcademic and Leadership\r\nBishop Zuroweste Scholarship\r\nAugust E. Becker Memorial Scholarship\r\nRobert J. Klostermann Scholarship\r\nMater Dei Alumni Scholarship\r\n\r\nNeed-Based\r\nFr. Jerome Feldmann Memorial Scholarship\r\nMathilda Hustedde Memorial Scholarship\r\nSr. Miriam Coovert, SSND, Memorial Scholarship\r\nHelping Hands Scholarship\r\nConnie Wade Memorial Scholarship\r\n\r\nCatholic Fraternal Life Scholarship\r\nLinnemann & Davis Scholarship\r\n

School Scholarships

\r\nAll Saints Academy, Breese\r\nJeff Richter Memorial Scholarship\r\nRick Richter Memorial Scholarship\r\nJames & Joanne Lampe Family Scholarship\r\n\r\nSt. Paul Catholic School, Highland\r\nFr. David Peter Scholarship\r\n

Parish Scholarships

\r\nAlbers – St. Bernard\r\nRademacher Scholarship\r\nKnights of Columbus Scholarship\r\nJansen Scholarship\r\n\r\nAviston – St. Francis\r\nFred J. & Gertrude Rakers Scholarship\r\nTom Litteken Memorial Scholarship\r\nKnights of Columbus Scholarship\r\n\r\nBartelso – St. Cecilia\r\nKnights of Columbus Scholarship\r\nLadies Sodality Scholarship (2)\r\nJames & Joanne Lampe Family Scholarship\r\n\r\nBeaver Prairie – St. Felicitas\r\nSt. Felicitas Parish Assistance\r\n\r\nBeckemeyer – St. Anthony\r\nTillie Hustedde Scholarship\r\nSr. Barbara Bruns Scholarship\r\nJames & Joanne Lampe Family Scholarship\r\n\r\nBreese – St. Dominic\r\nFr. Aydt Scholarship (2)\r\n\r\nBreese – St. Augustine\r\nClara Werth Scholarship\r\nHoly Name Men’s Sodality Scholarship\r\nSt. Monica Altar Sodality Scholarship\r\n\r\nCarlyle – St. Mary\r\nPhyllis Hudspeth Memorial Scholarship\r\nKnights of Columbus Scholarship\r\n\r\nDamiansville – St. Damian\r\nKnights of Columbus Scholarship\r\nRandy Toennies Memorial Scholarship\r\nTuition Assistance\r\n\r\nGermantown – St. Boniface\r\nJames & Joanne Lampe Family Scholarship\r\n\r\nHighland – St. Paul\r\nFred J. & Gertrude Rakers Scholarship\r\nAbbey Quitmeyer Memorial Scholarship\r\n\r\nLebanon – St. Joseph\r\nSt. Joseph Parish Assistance\r\n\r\nMarydale – St. Teresa\r\nSt. Teresa Parish Assistance\r\n\r\nSt. Rose – St. Rose\r\nFred J. & Gertrude Rakers Scholarship\r\nBrent Meyer Scholarship\r\n\r\nTrenton – St. Mary\r\nKnights of Columbus Scholarship\r\nHoly Name Men’s Sodality Scholarship\r\nLadies’ Sodality Scholarship\r\n

Additional Scholarships

\r\nHelping Hands Scholarship\r\nMater Dei Memorial Scholarship\r\nMatt Heinzmann Honor Scholarship\r\nDorothy L. Haag Memorial Scholarship\r\n

Additional Assistance

\r\nState of Illinois Tax Credit – $500 credit per family