FAQ – Parents

From our experiences with prospective parents, we have addressed the most frequently asked questions in the paragraphs below.  Prospective parents with additional questions are welcome to contact Mrs. Maria Zurliene, Director of Enrollment (618.526.7216).\r\n\r\nTuition Assistance: Does Mater Dei provide tuition assistance for families?\r\nRecognizing the varied financial resources of our families, our school board and administration are committed to providing tuition assistance to families who possess a strong desire to join the Mater Dei family.  Thus, families may apply annually for memorial grants, which we offer to all families who qualify financially.  Additionally, we encourage families to apply for scholarships (academic, leadership, and need-based) offered by Mater Dei, their parish, or their school.  For additional information, please visit our “Scholarships and Tuition Assistance” page.\r\n\r\nTransportation: Will our family’s limited means of transportation limit our child’s participation in athletics and activities?\r\nAside from athletics, numerous activities hold meetings during the daily school-wide study hall, thereby minimizing, and at times eliminating, the need for meetings after school hours.  In addition, when waiting after school for activities or athletics, students are welcome to remain on campus and utilize the library and the Lampe Commons (student center).  In fact, on a daily basis, we observe students studying and relaxing with peers or preparing a snack (vending machines and microwaves are available in the Lampe Commons).  Finally, families often develop carpools, thereby reducing the travel obligation for each family.\r\n\r\nREMINDER: For travel to and from school (not extracurricular activities), we provide free transportation for students living outside the Central Community High School district: east to Salem, north to Highland, south to Mt. Vernon, and west to Route 4 (Mobil) and I-64/Air Mobility Drive.  (Routes may change due to the demographics of our students.)\r\n\r\nAcademics: Can Mater Dei meet the academic needs of my child?\r\nWe offer a comprehensive, multi-level curriculum that provides all students, including those needing academic accommodations, the opportunity both to challenge themselves and to achieve success by enrolling in the level of courses that meets their needs.  More importantly, recognizing that a child’s academic needs vary by discipline, we do not “track” our students.  In addition, during the daily school-wide study hall, our students possess the opportunity to receive additional assistance from their teachers and/or peers.  Finally, we are proud to offer PlusPortals, our online link between school and home, which provides parents and students the opportunity to view academic reports and to communicate with teachers, thereby ensuring our ability to work hand-in-hand with parents for the benefit of our students.\r\n\r\n

\r\n\r\nOur parents, in their own words . . .\r\n\r\n“My child’s transition from grade school to high school has been extremely smooth!  The personalization that Mater Dei offers has made all the difference.”\r\n\r\n“I am proud of the outstanding academics and Catholic experience my child receives at Mater Dei!’”\r\n\r\n“After one week at Mater Dei, my child said, ‘I never knew teachers would care as much as these teachers do.’”\r\n\r\n“My child’s grades and attitude are better than ever because at Mater Dei, he finally ‘found his nitch.’”\r\n\r\n“The faculty and staff have been helpful not only to my child, but to me as well.”\r\n\r\n(Comments were provided on the “Survey for Parents of Freshmen: 2013-2014,” which was conducted in January, 2014.)