Safe Homes

For the safety of our students, we encourage all parents to join our Safe Homes program, which was established by the Mission Effectiveness Committee of the Mater Dei School Board.\r\n\r\nAs members of this program, parents pledge to provide a safe home, which is free of alcohol and drug use, in which our students can gather.\r\n\r\nIn the October issue of Knight Life, our parent newsletter, we provide a list of all participating families. Updates to this list are then provided in each future Knight Life issue. In addition, participating families are indicated in the Buzz Book, our school phone directory, which is available for purchase in September of each school year.\r\n\r\nFamilies may enroll in this vital program at any time by contacting Mr. Jim Darr, our Campus Minister ( or 618.526.7216).\r\n

Together, we can make a difference!