Student Council

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Moderator: Mrs. Jackie Chairolanza and Mrs. Christine Gramann\r\n\r\nStudent Council represents the student body in bringing forth ideas, projects and school improvements that enhance the mission of Mater Dei. Members are elected by their peers and serve as positive role models for their fellow students. While participating in Student Council, representatives learn parliamentary procedure, leadership responsibilities, and decision making skills. They also learn to serve as a voice for their fellow students and to initiate change for the betterment of the school. Serving on Student Council allows members to use their time and talents to represent Mater Dei, its mission and its students, while gaining valuable leadership experience.\r\n\r\nStudent Council members are responsible for planning and executing homecoming activities, sponsoring basketball concessions, and working in conjunction with the Red Cross to host two annual blood drives. They also organize and contribute to various fund raising activities on a local and national level. Finally, Student Council provides financial support for various school projects, which include purchasing patio tables, benches, cafeteria improvements, sinks for the rest rooms, an outdoor nativity set and a stage curtain.\r\n\r\nThe Student Council membership is as follows: ten seniors (six homeroom and four at-large representatives), nine juniors (six homeroom and three at-large representatives), eight sophomores (six homeroom and two at-large representatives), and six freshmen (homeroom representatives).\r\n\r\nElections for senior, junior, and sophomore homeroom and at-large representatives are held in the Spring for the following school year. Freshman representatives are held after the first quarter of the new school year. All students with a qualifying grade point average are encouraged to run for Student Council.\r\n\r\nStudent Council members are expected to attend meetings during the scheduled study halls, help decorate during the weekend before major events, and work at the concession stand at home boys basketball games on Friday and Saturday nights.