Peer Assistants

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Moderator: Mr. Jim Darr\r\n\r\nThe mission statement of Mater Dei stresses the importance of a caring environment, respectful of individual differences. The Peer Assistants program seeks to ensure that the atmosphere at Mater Dei is always pleasant and non-threatening for all students, meaning that all students feel comfortable and welcome.\r\n\r\nPeer Assistants are trained to reach out to students who may be having difficulty adjusting to the demands of high school or who find it difficult to identify with other students. There is a special awareness of those students who do not have a large number of grade school classmates attending Mater Dei.  Peer Assistants are also trained to assist with conflict resolution in case the need arises and to provide support for those dealing with other concerns.\r\n\r\nCurrently, faculty and parents make referrals to Campus Ministry and the Student Assistance Program. These referrals often deal with family issues, relationships or personal concerns.\r\n\r\nSophomore, junior and senior students interested in serving as a Peer Assistant may request an application from Mr. Darr.