Liturgical Planning Team

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Moderator: Mrs. Judy Kampwerth\r\n\r\nLiturgical Planning Team provides all students with the opportunity to utilize their gifts and talents to make each all-school Mass “their own” by planning and actively participating in the Mass.\r\n\r\nMembership  All students are invited to join the Liturgical Planning Team, which they may do by signing the “Volunteers for Masses” sheet, which is provided in Religion classes at the end of the school year; or by contacting moderator Mrs. Judy Kampwerth, who provides students with a pass to attend the planning sessions, which are held during study halls (planning session dates are announced at school).\r\n\r\nVolunteer Opportunities  For each Mass, students may volunteer for one or more of the groups:\r\n\r\nEnvironment Group – members design a plan to creatively “transform” the gym into a sacred place of prayer according to the liturgical season or theme of the Mass, arrive before school to set-up the gym, and remain after Mass to clean the gym.\r\n\r\nWord Group – members select the readings (when applicable), select student lectors, and create the petitions.\r\n\r\nMusic Group – members select the music according to the liturgical season or theme of the Mass and assist in obtaining the selected music.\r\n\r\nActions Group – members prepare the PowerPoint presentation and programs for the Mass, serve as sacristans, and serve as greeters. In addition, members determine if liturgically appropriate actions, such as liturgical dance, will be utilized to enhance the Mass.\r\n\r\nMinisters of Hospitality Group – members select students to serve at the Mass as greeters; Eucharistic Ministers; ushers; and cross, candle, and gift bearers.