Art and Photography Club

Moderator: Mrs. Vicki Moylan \r\n\r\nThe purpose of Art and Photography Club is to encourage students to utilize and to further develop their artistic abilities.\r\n\r\nAt the...   Read More

Teens for Life

Moderator: Mrs. KK Schneider \r\n\r\nTeens for Life is a pro-life organization. During meetings, which are held during designated study hall periods, members learn about and discuss...   Read More

St. Vincent de Paul

Moderator: Mrs. KK Schneider\r\n\r\nAs members of St. Vincent de Paul Society, our students, in a spirit of justice and charity, help those who are...   Read More

Murray Center Volunteers

Moderator: Mr. Dan Wescovich \r\n\r\nThe Warren G. Murray Developmental Center, located in Centralia, Illinois, is a home for the developmentally disabled. Students from Mater Dei...   Read More

Liturgical Planning Team

Moderator: Mrs. Judy Kampwerth\r\n\r\nLiturgical Planning Team provides all students with the opportunity to utilize their gifts and talents to make each all-school Mass “their...   Read More

Liturgical Music Group

Moderator: Mr. Dan Wescovich \r\n\r\nThe Liturgical Music Group (LMG) is a dedicated and talented group of musicians who plan and lead the liturgy music at...   Read More

Bass Fishing

Moderator: Mr. Rod Beckmann\r\n\r\nThe purpose of the bass fishing team is to utilize and to further develop the skills of students interested in competitive...   Read More

Chess Club

Moderator: Mr. Doug Denaro\r\n\r\nThe purpose of Chess Club is to develop both the understanding of and the enjoyment of the game of chess.  Thus,...   Read More


Moderator: Mrs. Heather Land \r\n\r\nFBLA started in the 1969 – 1970 school year and has continually possessed a strong tradition. The FBLA members are students,...   Read More


Director: Mrs. Donna Goetz\r\n\r\n2016-2017 Fall Play: It’s a Wonderful Life\r\nNovember 4 and 5 at 7:00 pm, November 6 at 2:00 pm\r\n\r\n2016-2017 Spring Musical: High School...   Read More